Cucumber plants, (like pea plants and some vining winter squashes) have tendrils that reach and attach to any structure nearby. They wind and tighten the tendril coil pulling themselves closer as they continue to grow and vine. Keep your cucumbers shaded and off of the ground using this angled trellis technique. 

How To:

Guide the end of your cucumber vine towards the edge of the bed. Once it is long enough, simply lay it over the edge of the trellis. As the vine grows longer, you can snake it in and out of the grid pattern.




Cucumber plants may attach  themselves to the trellis by wrapping their tendrils around a near stable object and secure by coiling tighter and tighter. If you notice coiled tendrils that are not around the trellis, you can gently uncoil and recoil around to the nearest metal piece.

Why Trellis Cucumbers

Trellising cucumbers helps keep them disease free and your fruit straight and blemish free. Trellising keeps your plant and fruit from laying on the ground or soil surface. When fruit lays directly on the soil it is more susceptible to pests, pathogens and other common fruit developmental problems. Often cucumbers laying on the ground will not develop uniform color or shape, and fruits exposed to direct sun can sunburn or get scorched. Trellising cucumbers keeps most of your plant off the ground and allows your fruits to hang shaded under the canopy of leaves. This also helps improve airflow further reducing pathogen problems common in cucumbers.