How to select the best tomato for you:

First, note the number of tomato plants we have designated for your garden in our weekly email sent on March 3rd. If we have limited your tomato space to three or less plants, we would suggest planting one fast-fruiting plant (50-65 days) paired with one slower fruiting plant (70+ days) so that you are getting the most out of your garden.  For those of you with more space, four or more tomatoes, we suggest selecting a minimum of one fast fruiting plant in addition to slower fruiting plants. Note: Avalow Narrow beds (3' x 5' size) have enough space for 1-2 tomato plants.

Below are the varietals that are growing at Avalow this year.

* Heirloom Varietals

Once you've picked your favorites, use the button below to tell us about which tomatoes (and other delicious summer plants) you'd like to get started!

Black Krim*

Black Krim 300px.jpg

(Medium-Sized Beefsteak)
Harvest: 75 days days from transplant
Growing Speed: Medium
Flavor: The flavor is has a sweetness that is balanced by notes of acidity, giving it a distinct, slightly salty taste.
Origin: Black Krim tomatoes are originally from the Isle of Krim in Ukraine (Krim is the Ukrainian word for Crimea). Rumour has it that soldiers returning home from the Crimean War brought seeds home with them and began sharing them.

The outside of the tomato is dark maroon to black, depending on how much sunlight they are exposed to. Black Krims consistently wins top place at taste trials. This is Avalow founders, Jeremy and Amanda’s favorite tomato.

Black Krim tomatoes are great in juices and cocktail drinks (Bloody Mary’s ar a hit!). The Black Krim tomato is perfect for slicing and adding to salads and sandwiches. Topping Black Krim tomatoes with with fresh mozzarella, basil, and drizzling with olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a sprinkle of sea salt is an easy and delicious appetizer.

Cherokee Green*


(Beefsteak, 12oz - 16oz)
Harvest: 75-80 days from transplant
Growing Speed: Slow
Flavor: One of the best tasting green tomatoes. Sweet and meaty with not as much acidity found in most green tomatoes.
Origin: Created by Craig LeHoullier who grew Cherokee Green tomatoes out of Cherokee Chocolate tomatoes. One plant resulted in a cross that stayed green when ripe which he then stabilized this seed into Cherokee Green.  

Cherokee Green tomatoes are excellent as a salad tomato, a slicer for sandwiches and perfect for caprese!



Sungold Tomato (Cherry)
Harvest: 55-65 days after transplanting
Growing Speed: Fast
Flavor: Sweet and delicious
Origin: Sungolds were developed by Japanese breeder Tokita Seed Company

Sungold cherry tomatoes grow in large clusters of 10-20 fruit. They are heat-tolerant, reliable, and typically one of the first bursts of color in summer garden. Best eaten right off of the vine, and the perfect addition to salads.

Pink Boar


(Medium 2-4oz.)
Harvest: 70-80 days from transplant
Growing Speed: Medium / Slow
Flavor: Rich, sweet juicy fruits perfect for slicing in salads or as an hors d'oeuvre with basil and mozzarella.
Origin: Developed by Brad Gates at Wild Boar Farms, Napa, California

These beautiful wine-colored fruits with metallic green striping produce plenty of tomatoes and are well worth the wait. The Pink Boar tomato is Avalow CFO, Tim’s favorite tomato of the bunch!



(Small/Medium 1-3oz, 2 ½” x 2 ½”)
Harvest: 50-60 days from transplanting
Growing Speed: Fast
Flavor: Sweet flavor with a tangy finish
Origin: Czechoslovakia

One of the fastest growing heirloom tomatoes, pronounced "stu-pitza," the potato-leaf plants are loaded with clustering tomatoes. Stupice provides a heavy yield all season long and is a great alternative to the more traditional paste tomato. This versatile tomato is great in salads as well as in sauces.

Mortgage Lifter*

Mortgage Lifter.jpg

(Beefsteak 16oz.)
Harvest: 70-85 days from transplanting
Growing Speed: Medium / Slow
Flavor:  A roasted, fruity and slightly salty flavor
Origin: Originally developed in the 1930's by a gardener who successfully grew and sold enough of this tomato variety to pay off his mortgage!

Mortgage Lifter turns into a dark deep pink color as they mature on the vine. Raw or cooked the Mortgage Lifter tomato is delicious fresh in salads, sandwiches, and salsas. It is large enough to be stuffed, which we would recommend!

Ukrainian Purple*


(Paste 6oz.)
Harvest: 75 days from transplanting
Growing Speed: Slow
Flavor: The fruit has a tangy, quality taste and very juicy soft flesh
Origin: Russian heirloom tomato from Irma Henkel in the Ukraine.

This tomato is perfect for salsa, sauce, puree, paste, and canning! The pop of purple looks excellent in salads.

Orange Strawberry


(Beefsteak 10-18oz.)
Harvest: 75-80 days from transplanting
Growing Speed: Slow
Flavor: This rich tasting tomato is a complex mixture of sweet and savory. Not too sweet as to overpower a dish, and not too savory that individuals who prefer sweet tomatoes wouldn’t love this varietal.
Origin: Marjorie Morris of Indiana, discovered the Orange Strawberry tomato as a stray seed in a pack of Pineapple tomato seeds and named it 'Orange Strawberry' based on the fruit's shape and color

Orange Strawberry tomatoes have few seeds and solid flesh, which makes this variety good perfect for canning or sauce. If you are craving a beefsteak tomato, but do not enjoy the seeds, this tomato is for you! This heart-shaped tomato is Jeremy’s top pick for an orange/yellow tomato.

Chocolate Sprinkles


(Grape 1.5”)
We have a very limited supply of this tomato, so this plant will be first-come-first-serve, available upon request.
Harvest: 50-55 days from transplanting
Growing Speed: Fast
Flavor:  A delightfully sweet taste
Origin: Unknown

Red with green striping gives this tomato an almost 'chocolatey' appearance. This highly productive plant forms its fruit in clusters, and starts fruiting early in the season.

Janet's Jacinthe Jewel


Harvest: 85-90 days from transplanting
Growing Speed: Slow
Flavor: Sweet and meaty
Origin: Developed by Brad Gates at Wild Boar Farms, Napa, California

This beautiful tomato is a late season varietal that is well worth the wait! Amanda’s top pick for an orange/yellow tomato. Delicious on a salad, sandwich and anything in between.