We are excited to start planning your Summer Garden with you!

Beginning the week of April 15th, with your help, we will be layering in additional plants to create your Summer garden.

Please select from one of three garden packages for each garden bed. During your Summer plant survey, you’ll have the chance to substitute one tomato in your package.

Farmer’s Market:

  • Black Krim Tomato

  • Candy Sweet Icicle Tomato

  • Sungold Tomato

  • Shishito

  • Japanese Eggplant

  • Armenian Cucumber

  • Romanesco Squash

  • Basil & Tarragon (optional)

Super Foods:

  • Black Krim Tomato

  • Pink Boar Tomato

  • Chocolate Sprinkles Tomato

  • Jalepeno

  • Padron

  • Diva Cucumber

  • Green Zucchini

  • Basil & Tarragon (optional)

All-Ages Garden:

  • Stupice Tomato

  • Mortgage Lifter Tomato

  • Sungold Tomato

  • Shishito

  • Fairytale Eggplant

  • Lemon Cucumber

  • Golden Zucchini

  • Basil & Tarragon (optional)

Read on to learn more about these Summer veggies!

Black Krim Tomato.JPG

Black Krim Tomato

(Medium-Sized Beefsteak)
Harvest: 75 days days from transplant
Growing Speed: Medium 
Flavor: Black Krim has a sweetness that is balanced by notes of acidity, giving it a distinct, slightly salty taste.

Black Krim tomatoes are great in juices and cocktail drinks (Bloody Mary’s are a hit!). The Black Krim tomato is perfect for slicing and adding to salads and sandwiches. Topping Black Krim tomatoes with with fresh mozzarella, basil, and drizzling with olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a sprinkle of sea salt is an easy and delicious appetizer.


Pink Boar Tomato

(Medium 2-4oz.)
Harvest: 70-80 days from transplant
Growing Speed: Medium / Slow
Flavor: Rich and sweet juicy fruits perfect for slicing in salads or as an hors d'oeuvre with basil and mozzarella.

These beautiful wine-colored fruits with metallic green striping produce plenty of tomatoes and are well worth the wait.


Chocolate Sprinkles Tomato

(Grape 1.5”)
Harvest: 50-55 days from transplanting
Growing Speed: Fast
Flavor:  A delightfully sweet taste. Red with green striping gives this tomato an almost 'chocolatey' appearance. This highly productive plant forms its fruit in clusters, and starts fruiting early in the season.


Stupice Tomato

(Small/Medium 1-3oz, 2 ½” x 2 ½”)
Harvest: 50-60 days from transplanting
Growing Speed: Fast
Flavor: Sweet flavor with a tangy finish. One of the fastest growing heirloom tomatoes, pronounced "stu-pitza," the potato-leaf plants are loaded with clustering tomatoes. Stupice provides a heavy yield all season long and is a great alternative to the more traditional paste tomato. This versatile tomato is great in salads as well as in sauces.

Mortgage+Lifter (1).jpg

Mortgage Lifter Tomato

(Beefsteak 16oz.)
Harvest: 70-85 days from transplanting
Growing Speed: Medium / Slow
Flavor:  A roasted, fruity and slightly salty flavor. Mortgage Lifter turns into a dark deep pink color as they mature on the vine. Raw or cooked the Mortgage Lifter tomato is delicious fresh in salads, sandwiches, and salsas. It is large enough to be stuffed, which we recommend!

Different levels of ripeness on cherry tomatoes.jpg

Sungold Tomato

(Cherry 1”)
Harvest: 55-65 days after transplanting
Growing Speed: Fast
Flavor: Sweet and delicious. Tomato candy.

Sungold cherry tomatoes grow in large clusters of 10-20 fruit. They are heat-tolerant, reliable, and typically one of the first bursts of color in summer garden. Best eaten right off of the vine, and the perfect addition to salads.

Candy Sweet Icicle cluster on vine.JPG

Candy Sweet Icicle Tomato

(Small/Medium 1-3oz, 2 ½” x 2 ½”)
Harvest: 65-75 days from transplanting
Growing Speed: Medium
Flavor:  A sweet rich flavor. Candy Sweet Icicle is a beautiful pink/red roma type tomato with gold and green stripes. Highly productive, this tomato lends itself well to sauces and soups.

Purple Calabash Tomato

(Medium 3”)
Harvest: 75 days from transplanting
Growing Speed: Medium
Flavor:  Complex flavors reminiscent of cabernet. Purple Calabash tomatoes have a rich flavor that lends itself well to salads or top it with mozzarella and basil. The squat lobed tomatoes are beautiful when sliced.


Valencia Tomato

(Medium 8-10 ounces)
Harvest: 75 days from transplanting
Growing Speed: Medium
Flavor:  Full of flavor while also keeping the more mellow flavors yellow tomatoes are known for.

Valencia tomatoes are meaty and have few seeds. They are great sliced fresh into salads and sandwiches, or cooked into a beautiful golden tomato soup.

Shishito Peppesr on Plant.JPG

Shishito Pepper

Grow time: 60 days for green peppers
Growing Speed: quick
Spice level/flavor: Mild spice. More fruity and sweet in flavor (200 SHU). Harvest when they reach about 1-2 inches in length.
Fun Fact: About 1 in every 10-20 shishito peppers are spicy, like jalapeños!

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 3.03.51 PM.png

Jalepeño Pepper

Grow time: 65-73 days
Growing Speed: quick
Spice level/flavor: Medium (2,500- 8,000 SHU). Jalapeños ripen from green to black to red. They are often preferred picked in their “green” stage, when they are firm to the touch, 4-6 inches in length and have a waxy sheen. If you harvest your peppers prematurely, place harvested peppers in the sun for a few days and they will continue to ripen.


Padron Pepper

Grow time: 60 days
Growing Speed: quick
Spice level/flavor: Medium to mild (500-2,500 SHU). Their flavor is often described as “grassy.”
Pro tip: The spice level of these peppers can vary dramatically (much like the Shishito). 


Fairytale Eggplant

Grow time: 65 days
Growing Speed: quick
Flavor: Fairytale eggplant are mild flavored with few seeds and no bitterness. These eggplant are best harvested at 2-4”, and the plants are highly productive. They are also a whimsical addition to any planting.


Japanese Eggplant

Grow time: 65 days
Growing Speed: quick
Flavor: Japanese eggplant produce long and slender mildly sweet fruit. These eggplant are best harvested at 4-6”.


Armenian Cucumber

Grow time: 60 days
Growing Speed: quick
Flavor: Armenian cucumbers produce long, tender fruit that remains sweet even when you let them get too large! Armenian cucumbers are heat tolerant and best harvested at 1-2” thick. Their length will depend on the plant, but they are typically around 6-12” long at their best harvest stage. These burpless “cucumbers” are technically a melon!


Lemon Cucumber

Grow time: 65 days
Growing Speed: quick
Flavor: Lemon cucumbers have a fresh and lightly lemony flavor. The vines are highly productive and the fruit lends itself well to both fresh eating and pickling. These plants are very heat tolerant.


Diva Cucumber

Grow time: 58 days
Growing Speed: quick
Flavor: Diva cucumber produce tender, seedless, and thin-skinned fruit. Harvested at 5-7”, the fruit is crisp and sweet. These vines are a bit more temperamental than Armenian or Lemon cucumbers.

yellow zucchini blossoms (1).jpg

Golden Zucchini

Grow time: 50 days
Growing Speed: quick
Flavor: Golden zucchini are tender with golden skin and white flesh. Harvest these as baby squash or let them get up to 8” long.


Green Zucchini

Grow time: 60 days
Growing Speed: quick
Flavor: Green zucchini are tender and highly productive. Harvest these squash at 6-8” long, or harvest them early with the blossoms still attached for beautiful baby squash. Both fruit and flowers are edible.


Romanesco Zucchini

Grow time: 52 days
Growing Speed: quick
Flavor: Romanesco zucchini are a beautiful grey-green striped zucchini that is tender and nutty. This variety is an Italian heirloom.


Sweet Basil

Growing Speed: quick
Flavor: This is your classic basil, perfect for caprese salads, pestos, or a few leaves added to a sandwich for a pop of summer flavor.


Lemon Basil

Growing Speed: quick
Flavor: Lemony and bright, this basil is great for chicken, fish, herbal tea, or add it to your gourmet hot dogs as an unusual new topping!



Growing Speed: quick, deciduous perennial
Flavor: Anise-flavored. Ideal pairing for mellow and comforting dishes, such as potato salads, butter sauces, and chicken. Try tarragon mixed in to your scrambled eggs!