Small Burbank Self-Watering Fabric Planter

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Start your garden with a stylish fabric bag and our self-watering reservoir that makes growing easy and less wasteful.




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Garden Tote Specs

Grows Better

Self-watering system and aerated fabric lead to healthier plants and better harvests


Hand-made in California with durable materials that will continue to look good season after season

Food Safe

Constructed of inert materials trusted by organic growers to be free of harmful additives

Self-Watering System

Water 1x per week (and use 20x less water than other gardens)

Growing Area

2 square feet of space

Pocket Size

About 18 square inches (9"x9")

Growing Restrictions

None! Supporting larger plants may require additional supports


1 year

Expected Life

3 years of personal use


Yes - all materials are recycle-friendly plastics

Grow Area Materials

Double-layered, long-lasting, food safe and breathable making it soft yet structured

Pocket & Trim Materials

Eco-friendly, stain-resistant and outdoor rated - 45% post-consumer recycled materials

Handle Materials

Rated for mountain-climbing and won't mildew or fade

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