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Create an oasis of color and beauty with a floral planting package! Included in this package is a diverse collection of cutting flower starts that look fabulous all season. The bees and butterflies are sure to appreciate your garden




Fancy Schmancy Cutting Flowers - Have a floral shop right outside your door - includes a mix of starts and seeds for each season to have a beautiful (and pollinator-friendly) display of color that will brighten your life.


Centerpiece: the flowers that the bouquet will be composed around - zinnias (cupcake pink, candy mix, Isabella creamy yellow, and/or Zinderella peach)
Verticals: colorful elements that accent the centerpiece bloom - red amaranth, psyche white cosmos, strawflowers, celosia
Spherical: round-headed flowers are excellent at filling in holes -  sunset mix globe amaranth
Filler & Airy: greens to add movement and provide texture - assorted basils & bronze fennel


* Small packages include 6-7 plants, Large plants include 14-16 plants. Each package has a mix of seeds and starts and includes accessories such as mulch, compost, fertilizer as well as tips & tricks for ways to use the garden.


Eating fresh, chemical free makes your life better, but also provides a food source for pollinators. This in turn helps farmers use less chemicals by creating a better ecosystem for all of us. 


Each urban garden reduces temperatures for you and your neighbors!



1 box - 15"x11"x8" (length, width, height)


2 boxes - 15"x11"x8" (length, width, height)

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