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Bed + Coaching

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The Bed + Coaching comes with
Hardware and soil /  Coaching service / Live support / App account




Your Avalow + Coaching package comes with personalized Seasonal plant selection, organic fertilizer, compost, mulch and a login to our mobile coaching app with direct chat to our Grow team as well as exclusive content and a shared garden journal that lets us suggest how to get the most out of your garden. Everything you need to succeed with your new Avalow garden!

Choose how many Seasons you'd like to grow (one / each season / one year) to get started!

Let your plants drink the right way, from the bottom! Our hardware uses up to 30x less water than traditional gardening, which makes your included organic hand-selected plants grow to their full potential. We included our favorite, extensively tested fertilizers, composts and treatments so you start with the best. Your Avalow is so durable that you can take it with you if you move, just place it on the moving truck just like your favorite dresser, plants and all.

A note on our plants - we make sure you have the best tasting, most nutritious varieties to grow each season. We test hundreds of varietals each season to help pick the ones that we think you'll love.

Your Avalow is ergonomically-sized at just over 2 feet tall with an equivalent growing space of 3 square feet. 

  • 27" w x 15" l x 27" h

Your Coaching box arrives with everything tucked into place and enough room for your plants to have a pleasant journey.

  • 15" w x 12" l x 6" h

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Choose the right plan for you.

Plans include all the seedlings, nutrients, markers and know-how you need to grow a huge variety of super fresh produce. We're here to guide you and get you started on the path to a beautiful, lush garden.


This plan is packed with the ultimate variety, specifically created to surprise your taste buds every week – from chocolate sprinkles tomatoes, to fairytale eggplant, romanesco broccoli, and much more!


You'll get to enjoy our most popular greens, veggies and herbs - plus an edible flower or two along with fun recipes that everyone will enjoy!

Super Foods

This plan centers around dark, nutritious greens – perfect for your stir fries, bowls, smoothies or salads, and always enough to keep you going!

Bed hardware specs

Growing Area

2 square feet
(but you can grow up to 50% more in our system)

External Dimensions

27" l x 15" w x 27" tall

Water Savings

up to 30x less water than hand-watering
(10x better than drip systems!)

Fill Frequency

1x / week is recommended

Water Capacity

2 gallons (7.6 liters)

Expected Garden Lifetime

Built to last for 25 years


10 Years

Maintenance Frequency

Self-watering system - 5 year check / replace wick materials
Trim - 3-5 year refinish recommended
Frame / Shell - as needed

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