Hot peppers, such as Jalapenos, shishito, poblanos, and padrons, while typically eaten in small quantities, have great health benefits. They are all high in Vitamin C and being a part of the nightshade family, they also contain high amounts of potassium!



Grow time: 60 days
Growing Speed: quick
Harvest info: harvest when 2-3 inches long
Spice level: medium to mild (500-2,500 SHU). Their flavor is often described as “grassy.”
Pro tip: The spice level of these peppers can vary dramatically (much like the Shishito). 



Grow time: 60 days for green peppers
Growing Speed: quick
Spice level/flavor: mild spice, more fruity and sweet in flavor (200 SHU)
Harvest info: harvest when they reach about 1-2 inches in length.
Fun Fact: About 1 in every 10-20 shishito peppers are spicy, like jalapeños!



Grow time: 65-73 days
Growing Speed: quick
Spice level: medium (2,500- 8,000 SHU)
Harvest info: Jalapeños ripen from green to black to red. They often preferred picked in their “green” stage, when they are firm to the touch, 4-6 inches in length and have a waxy sheen. If you harvest your peppers prematurely, place harvested peppers in the sun for a few days and they will continue to ripen.