Gardens With Style, Now Available

Introducing Avalow's revolutionary self-watering raised beds. Each garden comes fully-assembled with fresh organic soil in a durable & attractive insulated shell and our easy-to-grow, resource conserving system.

Spend more time enjoying your garden and less time worrying about keeping your plants alive - have more success

Made to last from proven safe materials, right here in Northern California

Creates the perfect growing ecosystem right out of the box - let your plants grow naturally without any unsafe chemicals

Made to garden anywhere

  • With two square feet of growing space, our Avalows are compact, and perfect for growing a little something, anywhere. With no drip controllers or electricity needed, put down your Avalow where it feels right for you.


  • Each Avalow comes with our proprietary self-watering system that allows plants to water themselves with no moving parts. Just make sure the reservoir is filled, and let your plants do the rest! This system allows the plants to have the perfect amount of water, all the time. You use less water to grow more produce from healthier plants.


  • With aerospace-grade aluminum frames, specially-coated corrugated panels, and trim made from California redwood, our beds are made to withstand the elements in style. Enjoy your Avalow for generations to come!

Engineered for success

  • Our beds have thermal insulation to make them more tolerant to temperature swings. It also allows you more growing time each year and keeps you plants happier at the same time. Oh, and no maintenance for at least 5 years!

Take a vacation

  • With our self-watering system and thermal optimized bed, you get get less pests and a minimum of 1-week between watering. So go ahead, take a vacation and come back to a beautiful harvest!