Growing is more fun with a buddy

We'll work with you to design a garden that fits your goals and your tastes. We'll get you the plants and materials you want. And we'll be there to support your growing journey every step of the way. Via our mobile app, chat with our team of garden experts, share plant photos, and access all of our educational materials and workshops. We're rooting for you.


The complete steps to become an Avalow gardener (Coming Soon!)


Get your Avalow bed

Receive your Avalow, along with compost and nutrient rich soil.


Set it up and send us a pic

Once you set your bed, you send Avalow's team a picture and the coaching begins!


Select a planting plan

Select a plant plan based on our expert recommendations and your personal preferences.


Get our Coaching service + app

Buy online the coaching service and receive a welcome e-mail with login information to the app.


Get your planting kit!

Receive box with everything you need for your planting and start enjoying the benefits of your own garden.

Choose the right plan for you.

Plans include all the seedlings, nutrients, gear and know-how you need to grow a huge variety of super fresh produce. No obligation, modify or cancel your subscription anytime!


This plan is packed with the ultimate variety, specifically created to surprise your taste buds every week – from chocolate sprinkles tomatoes, to fairytale eggplant, romanesco broccoli, and much more!


You'll get to enjoy our most popular greens, veggies and herbs - plus an edible flower or two along with fun recipes that everyone will enjoy!

Super Foods

This plan centers around dark, nutritious greens – perfect for your stir fries, bowls, smoothies or salads, and always enough to keep you going!

Connect with our team 24/7

Use the Avalow app to access our team of growers. Submit questions and photos, or schedule a video call with our gardening experts. Whatever your question is, Avalow has your back.

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People dig us.

“Avalow is the gardening of the future for the modern, conscious gardener”

“Avalow is the gardening of the future for the modern, conscious gardener”


“Avalow is the gardening of the future for the modern, conscious gardener”