Growing is more fun with a buddy

We'll work with you to design a garden that fits your goals and your tastes. We'll get you the plants and materials you want. And we'll be there to support your growing journey every step of the way. Via our mobile app, chat with our team of garden experts, share plant photos, and access all of our educational materials and workshops. We're rooting for you.

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5 simple steps to becoming an Avalow gardener

Receive your Avalow and place it in your favorite growing spot. We're available for chat / zoom to help!

Choose the package that works for you - we will send the perfect plants along with custom plant markers and growing accessories

Download the Avalow app. If you've already got plants, browse gardening articles and live chat with our expert team

Receive your package with everything you need for your planting and start enjoying the benefits of your own garden

The beauty of gardening is there is always something to plant and grow all year long. It's not just good for you, it's a win for the planet and your community

Connect with our team 24/7

Use the Avalow app to access our team of growers. Submit questions and photos, or schedule a video call with our gardening experts. Whatever your question is, Avalow has your back.

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People dig us.

As someone who finds himself thinking “I should totally grow some vegetables!” once a year only to end up disappointed and hungry… I totally get this.


Gardening counts as self-care too. A new survey found that 70% of millennials have taken it upon themselves to become “plant parents,” in part due to the joy that comes from seeing botany thrive.

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I had no idea I could grow food! My black thumb is gone for good with Avalow!

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