Gardens shouldn't be a chore.

What we stand for

Avalow envisions a world where any human who wants a garden, has a garden. We create gardens for all experience levels - from novice to expert - so that anyone can plant anything they wish to eat.

Making gardening joyful

We designed raised beds that work for you, and for your plants. The self-watering system allows your plants to thrive - and allows you to take vacations.

Growing a community of gardeners

We exist to share our knowledge of growing and preparing food, a tradition that is near and dear to our hearts. Our goal is to create a community that cherishes this knowledge and these skills and to cultivate a growing culture, together.


Water is precious, and we treat it with respect. Avalow beds conserve 30% more water than traditional drip irrigation or top-watering methods.

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We don't just work here, we grow here.

We are a team of experienced, dedicated, and passionate people who believe everyone should live with a little more green in their veins.

Amanda Dunker, CEO

Amanda comes from generations of home gardeners and wants everyone to experience the joy of seeing and tasting freshly harvested food. Previously, she worked in the world of hospitality and event management to bring experiences to life.

Jeremy Nusser, COO

Jeremy worked as an Aerospace & Automotive Engineer across the US before moving to SF and working with a variety of software startups. He grew up farming and gardening in the Midwest and wants to make it easier to be a successful gardener.

The Avalow family’s impact so far.

Turns out, treating yourself well means treating the planet well. We're proud of the impact our community has had on the planet so far.

332,600 gallons saved

40% increase in veggie consumption

18.72 tons sequestered carbon

245,000,000 food miles saved