There are 4 easy steps to getting your Avalow Harvest Garden installed and planted. Below, we walk you through what to expect as you become part of the Avalow Family!

Reserve Online

Reserve Your Garden

Once you’re ready, reserve your spot in line to start the process of planning and helping you get ready your perfect garden.

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Grow Team Planning

We want to make sure we know what you like and where to place your garden so that it will thrive. You’ll receive surveys and communication about your location and what flavors make you hum! We give you our guidance on placement and which varietals to grow based on your yard and preferences.

Learn more about our Grow Team here.

Schedule your Garden


We work to find the day & time to install your Avalows. You will be able to start building excitement with access to our exclusive member content in our mobile app and start the seasonal heirloom.

Install & Planting

Installation & Planting!

We are on-site and get your garden installed in the perfect location for year-round growing that complements your outdoor aesthetic. Our Grow team will arrive with baby plants and seeds, working by-your-side to get your garden planted and ready to thrive for the coming season.

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