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Mini Garden Beds

Grow a little something.

Anyone can garden.

Avalow was founded on the idea that anyone who wants a garden, should be able to get garden. We design beds for small spaces and people with busy schedules that want to bring a taste of home-grown food into their lives. Our beds are self-watering so they conserve water, require less maintenance, and produce beautiful plants. We also think gardening is good for the planet, check out our stats so far.

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We know that plants can be hard to read and time-intensive to maintain. So we built garden beds with a reservoir so that you never have to over-water your plants again. Just fill the tank with water and the plants will take exactly what they need. Grow like a pro with very little effort - it will be our little secret.

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We like stuff that works. Our beds are built for any space - there’s no leaking, no mess, and no maintenance for up to 5 years. Just put the plants in the soil, water in the reservoir, and let nature do its thing.


Made for edible gardening

Avalow Minis are made for a year-round herb garden, full seasonal veggie plantings and edible flowers . Take your pick, and enjoy flavors fresh from five minutes ago at every meal.


Comes with an assistant

All dogs can learn new tricks (just look at our pup, Harlow, helping Dad with the tomato planting), but it’s easier with help. We offer Avalow members Garden Coaching which comes with planning, plants and trouble shooting any issues you come across. It’s a jungle out there, we’re here to support you.

We’re a small company, and due to popular demand in the San Francisco Bay Area, we’re expanding our services to the whole United States. Join our waiting list and be the first of your friends to grow a little something with Avalow.