Made To Garden Anywhere

We offer different sizes of Avalows for a garden that fits your unique space. We’ll help you find the best placement to make sure your garden gets the perfect amount of sun-exposure - all you need is a level surface, we’ve got the rest covered.

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Intelligent Design

Each of our Avalows comes with a patented, sub-irrigation reservoir. Translation: our beds water themselves. This system is designed so that the plants control how much water they receive, giving you a garden that is more lucious, and has a longer growing season. Plus, Avalows are designed to have less pests and weeds - let’s make gardening something you enjoy.

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Beauty Built To Last

Attractive, ergonomic, and durable, Avalows have style you won’t get tired of. Our aerospace-grade, aluminum frames and coated steel panels are designed to withstand the elements and there is nothing on your bed that needs maintenance for at least 5 years. Enjoy your garden for a long, long time to come.

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