Let’s Make Plans

We’ll work with you to design your garden. We’ll bring you the plants that fit your tastes and the season, and we’ll come bearing organic soil, fertilizer and compost - because you deserve the best. We’ll plant with you every season, and side-by-side you’ll learn how to plant a garden with confidence.

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Let’s Grow Together

After planting, we still want to hang out. Access our team at any time via our mobile app, send us photos, and video chat with us to get all of your garden questions answered. We also send you seasonal garden surprise to keep your gardening skills sharp. We’re here to support you!

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Be Part Of The Family

In addition to our coaching team, get access to all of our online and in-person classes - meet your Avalow Family! Share photos with the community, and educate yourself with our exclusive content and how-to guides, including recipes and discounts provided by our award-winning restaurant partners.

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Gardens are the Bee’s Knees!

I never thought I could grow vegetables in my yard, but the team worked to find the right place for growing year-round and I’m now getting delicious food right from my patio!
— Susan L.
I love watching my garden grow! It is amazing to see the plants change each day and it is so relaxing. I eat something from my garden daily and the flavor is so much better than what I was buying from the market.
— Brooke M.
We love our garden. Having fresh produce just outside your door is an amazing experience and the Avalow team makes everything work smoothly. Keep it up!
— Elizabeth W.
I was convinced that I had a black thumb - I even kill succulents. But now with Avalow helping me find the right plants and knowing they have my back, my friends look to me as the garden queen!
— Isabelle L.

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