Tips & Tricks

When & how to harvest baby greens

Your newly planted greens are probably still pretty small. Does that mean that you should wait to harvest until they have grown to a fully mature size?


You can enjoy baby greens if you take some care and follow some general guidelines to keep your plants healthy and happy.

When: It is best to harvest from any plant in the morning or late afternoon, when the temperature is cool. Harvesting during mid-day heat will result in wilted produce and the plant could accidentally be harmed.

How: The key is to harvest from the outside of the plant, working your way in. Careful to leave enough of the inner part of the plant to keep photosynthesizing and producing energy for the plant to grow into its adult stage.  

How much is enough? When harvesting, we recommend leaving 4-6 leaves on the plant to continue growing. The center of the plant is where new growth will occur, so again, be sure to harvest the leaves from the outside in.  

When you harvest, scissors are the best tool to use to avoid pulling on your small plant and disturbing its roots. Cut the leaves at soil level. 

Frequency: Patience is essential as your plant continues to grow. Wait to harvest again until you see more than 4-6 leaves on your leafy green. Regularly harvesting your greens using this method helps to encourage the plant to produce more leaves overall.