Summer veggie pizza

Squash-ing your hunger


Serves 2

- pizza dough - Kenji's deep dive @ Serious Eats is a nice place to start

- golden zucchini or yellow crookneck, thinly sliced

- sliced peppers - jalapeños for heat, gypsy or lipstick for less mouth-fire

- cherry tomatoes

- olive oil

- fresh oregano

- salt & pepper to taste

- mozzarella cheese (optional)

Pizza Sauce

- fresh tomatoes - any style - roughly 1/2 lb

- garlic, diced

- tomato paste

- fresh herbs (go wild)

- olive oil

- salt, pepper, cayenne to taste


Summer is about simple pleasures. One of them is pulling fresh produce from your garden and sharing with loved ones. This recipe does double-duty as it's great for entertaining and also uses up some of your (very) abundant summer squash. 

The longest-lead items are the dough and sauce, but you can also cheat and pick store versions up on the way home to make life easier. Your garden (and family) will thank you either way :)



  1. Prep - bring dough to working temp & start sautéing garlic in olive oil. While that's going, prep the veggies.
  2. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees (the grill also works great if you're so inclined)
  3. Once garlic softens, add tomatoes - wait a few minutes, then add tomato paste and any spices / herbs you'd like
  4. Assemble toppings how you'd like - we go sauce, cherry tomatoes squash, pepper, cheese but this is basically adult playtime
  5. Place into the oven / grill and check every 5 minutes until done. The squash should be limp and glisten-ey(?) and the cheese and crust should be golden brown.
  6. Slice and share!