Make your own extracts

This recipe is perfect for any citrus fruit!


Serves 4 (2 oz) bottles

1 cup Vodka (8 oz) - Any vodka will do, so save your fancy-schmancy vodka for cocktails

sm handful of Fresh Mint or 2 med Citrus Rind

This is one of my new obsessions. I have made a chocolate mint, mint julep, lemon, and mandarin so far. Next up, cinnamon basil, lemon basil, and hibiscus. There is just something ridiculously cute about small glass bottles. Enough about me, here is the quick recipe!

Step one: Wash the mint or whole citrus with cool water, careful to remove any dirt or bugs.

Step two: Peel the citrus, careful to avoid adding the pith (white underbelly of rind). The pith will make the finished extract bitter. Ew. 

or, remove the mint leaves from the stem with your fingers or paring knife.

Step three: Place the mint leaves and/or peel into a small 2 oz. bottle, filling the bottle enough to leave at least 1/2-3/4 space for liquid. 

Step four: Using a funnel or liquid measuring cup, slowly add the vodka to the bottle, filling it to the top. 

Helpful Hint* The contents of the bottle must be completely covered, or the leaves/rind may mold.

Step five: Store in a cool dry place such as a pantry, cellar, or insulated garage. Keep out of direct sunlight to prevent spoiling. Amber bottles are great for helping to shade liquids!

You will be ready to use your extract in as little as one month! If stored in a cool, dry place, your extracts will be good for 3 years.