Tahini Zucchini "Pasta" Salad


Looking for a fun way to use up your zucchini harvest?  Here’s a quick, easy way to create a no cook, craving satisfying side or meal with zucchini as the star ingredient.




Serves 1 as main dish, 2-3 as side dish.

⅓ c tahini

2 tbs. Vinegar, apple cider or red wine

2 tsp. Soy sauce or Braggs aminos

1 lemon

1 green onion

3 medium zucchinis

Handful of basil

Lemon Thyme (marjoram and french thyme work well too)


Start by preparing your dressing: combine the tahini, vinegar, soy sauce, juice from lemon, and your green onion finely chopped. Emulsify by vigorous whisking, or using a blender.

Cut your zucchini into noodles. You can use a spiralizer, but we used a potato peeler for flat and wide “noodles”. Combine your zucchini noodles with about ½ of the dressing and gently stir. Add salt and pepper to taste, and more dressing if desired.

De-stem and rough chop your basil and thyme. Sprinkle and stir in and use as garnish.