Why Raised Garden Beds Are Different


Raised bed gardening offers many advantages for harvest gardens (gardens with plants grown for culinary use) by creating and manipulating the growing environment for healthy and productive plants. Find out the many ways raised garden beds are different from in-ground gardening and how Avalow has made the raised bed gardening experience even better!

Happy Healthy Soil

Native soil is often imperfect for vegetable growing. Sometimes we have too much clay, sometimes there’s too much silt, and often our soil is nutrient poor. Raised bed gardening allows you to control the composition of the soil, making sure your plants have optimal nutrients, moisture retention and drainage, and soil porosity (poor soil porosity often means compacted soil). Make sure to fill your raised garden bed with nutrient rich soil to reduce the need for additional fertilizing.


Easy Harvesting

Raised garden beds, even when a foot or two tall, reduce the amount of bending over during planting, pruning, harvesting, and weeding. Raised beds can make gardening accessible for a wider range of ages and abilities. You can also arrange your raised garden beds to create walkways and paths through your garden further increasing accessibility.

Pest Prevention and Protection

If you live in an area affected by gophers and moles, you may have waged (and are likely losing) the war against them. Keeping plants protected from gophers is often an uphill battle. Raised beds can be lined with wire, protecting your plant’s precious roots and fruits from the grasp of gophers and moles. If you have household pets, they can also peruse your garden and leave unpleasant presents for you. High density plantings in raised garden beds can help reduce the risk of household pets becoming garden pests, leaving them to look for other places to use for a restroom.


Raised garden beds can be used in spaces where traditional gardening isn’t possible. They are great for patios and decks, and garden placement can take into consideration and optimize sun exposure. Raised bed gardening and high density gardening can make the most of limited growing space, using vertical trellises and edges of the garden to increase productivity . Growing a high density garden in raised beds also means fewer weeds to pull. Raised bed gardening uses less fertilizer and soil amendments than larger in-ground gardens.


Avalow Advantages

With Avalow raised garden beds, you can grow and harvest delicious produce in a small space with ease. Here are some of the ways we have made growing in raised garden beds even easier:

When you buy an Avalow raised garden bed, we deliver it with our tested (in a lab, and in the garden) organic compost and soil blend optimized with nutrients your plants need to grow healthy and happy. Our expert team takes the guesswork out of positioning the bed, and will guide you to perfect placement with sun exposure and functionality in mind. Imagine your current yard space being converted to a beautiful and productive garden space in less than a day!

Avalow raised garden beds also incorporate innovative watering components, commonly called wicking beds, that help remove the questions (When do I water? How much? How often?) that come with top water and irrigation systems. Using the natural pressure system created by the plants themselves (capillary action), your plants will bring water to their roots based on need. This not only conserves water by drastically reducing the water loss through evaporation that occurs with top watering, but also removes the chance of over or under watering leading to healthier and more flavorful produce for you! Avalow raised garden beds are lined with a breathable and gopher proof bottom. By creating a layer of airspace between the bottom of your Avalow raised garden bed and the ground, your soil and plant roots will have adequate aeration and your deck space or patio will not be in contact with wet materials: win-win!


Turn Your Black Thumb Green

You may be thinking: a raised bed is great and all, but what does the Avalow bed do for my black thumb? That’s where Avalow Coaching comes in. For the less experienced gardener, self described “black thumbs”, or those looking for the full Avalow experience, Avalow Coaching is a great way to learn how to optimize growth and production in your Avalow bed while empowering and educating you to take on future seasons solo.

With Avalow Coaching, we will help you select and plant a season-appropriate, high-density garden four times a year to keep you growing year round. You will also have unlimited access to our app where you can ask questions and send plant progress photos for our expert Grow Team to advise on harvesting, pruning, pests, and ways to use your fresh harvest in the kitchen.

Raised garden beds are a fantastic option for anyone wanting to grow food more easily. Avalow has taken the raised garden bed to a whole new level with self-watering, soil and sun-optimized beds, education, and plantings to ensure the most productive and lush garden all year round.

Learn more about Avalow bed and Avalow Coaching.

Happy gardening!