Raspberry Thyme Smash

Serves 2


8 oz Sparkling Water

2 tsp lime

4 Tbs. Thyme Simple Syrup

10 raspberries 

3-4 sprigs of muddled Thyme, extra for garnish

1 Egg, egg whites separated, (optional)

Reserve a few raspberries and sprig of thyme for garnish. Muddle the remaining raspberries and thyme in a cocktail shaker vigorously. Add Thyme simple syrup, lime juice and sparkling water to muddled ingredients. Gently stir, strain. Add a tablespoon of egg white to shaker, gently shake. The carbonation from the sparkling water will froth the egg white for you. Strain and pour over ice into high ball. Garnish with a fresh raspberry and sprig of thyme

To add spirits, half amount of sparkling water, add 3 oz. of vodka.