Vegetable Miso Soup


Serves 2-3

4 cups vegetable broth

2 cups water

3T organic miso paste

2 cups mushrooms, thinly sliced, can be any type

2 cups of beet greens, kale, spinach, or of choice, chopped and de-stemmed if necessary

1 bok choy, stems and leaves chopped and separated

3 green onions (aka bunching onions), chopped

3-6 cloves of garlic minced

1t fresh grated ginger root

Pepper to taste

1T dijon mustard (optional) AND/OR addition of 3 mustard leaves chopped (optional)

Chili Garlic Sauce to taste or Sriracha to taste (optional)


Step 1:

In a medium soup pot warm vegetable broth and water over medium heat.

Step 2:

Add garlic, ginger, dijon mustard (if you want), mushrooms, and stems of bok choy, simmer 5 - 10 minutes until stems are soft and mushrooms are cooked through.

Step 3:

Turn off heat, and add the miso paste.  Stir until dissolved. Add greens, tops of the bok choy, and pepper and cover with a lid. Let sit for a couple minutes until greens are wilted, garnish with green onion and chili garlic sauce or sriracha (if wanted).