Heirloom Caprese With a Twist

There's no better way to combine all your heirloom tomatoes on one plate than a simple tomato caprese. We gave the Summer classic a spicy upgrade using our favorite jalapeño olive oil made by Dry Creek Olive Co. and of course, fresh basil and tomatoes straight from the garden. We recommend Black Krim tomatoes for a more savory tomato flavor or Cherokee Green if you like it a little more on the sweet side. Really, whatever beefsteak tomatoes you have will work perfectly.

Summer Caprese With a Twist

TIME: 20 minutes



- 4 beefsteak tomatoes

- 12 fresh basil leaves

-Dry Creek Olive Co. jalapeño olive oil

- balsamic vinegar

- burrata cheese (we used mozzarella di bufala campana)

- Maldon sea salt flakes to taste (any salt will help to enhance the natural flavor of the tomato)

- pepper to taste


1. Slice tomatoes to be roughly 1/4" thick and arrange as the base layer on a long serving dish.

2. Slice cheese and section into appropriate sizes for each slice of tomato (roughly 1/2 the size of the tomato), and place as the second layer on the dish.

3. Artfully place a medium-sized basil leaf on top of each cheese-covered tomato slice (this is the third layer!).

4. Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Don't forget to soak up the excess oil & vinegar with fresh bread, it is delicious!


Marley HutchinsonAvalow