Isabelle's Crystallized Edible Flower Shortbread Cookie How-to

We had the most wonderful time co-hosting a cookie decorating class with Isabelle of IMA Cake Couture! Here is the recipe we used to create these beauties:

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  • all-purpose flour (240 g)
  • salt (4 g)
  • softened butter (180 g)
  • granulated sugar (90 g)
  • vanilla bean (1 g)
  • lavender oil, optional (4 drops)


Cream butter, add sugar, add sifted ingredients (flour, salt), add vanilla bean and lavender oil (optional). Chill dough and sheet dough to 3.5 mm. Cut circles and place on baking paper, dust with granulated sugar (but only if you are NOT going to ice them), and bake at 320 degrees F until just golden brown on the edges.

Royal Icing


  • icing sugar (212 g)
  • cream of tartar (1 g)
  • egg whites (45 g)


For best results, make the day before. Paddle together sifted sugar, cream of tartar, and egg whites until you have a smooth paste. Allow to rest at least 12 hours.

Crystallizing Mixture


  • edible flowers and petals (violas and pansies work well!)
  • egg whites (75 g)
  • gelatin (8 g)


Bloom gelatin. Melt in microwave. Warm egg whites to 95 degrees F and combine with liquid gelatin. Brush edible petals and flowers with mixture and dry for 8 hours at 95 degrees F.


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Marley HutchinsonAvalow