New Year, New You Who Actually Enjoys Eating Vegetables.

Happy 2017!

We are so excited to start off the year with healthy, delicious produce. We all know that we should be eating well and it really can be easy! This new year is your chance for a fresh start. (Sorry.)

What better way to motivate yourself than to watch your veggies grow in your own backyard? The anticipation brings such excitement and when you finally get to harvest and eat your own produce, eating vegetables becomes a treat instead of a chore. Planting winter veggies is simple, and with a little patience, you'll be enjoying leafy greens and root vegetables resolution or not.

Vegetables harvested in the Winter like kale and peas are so good for you and are absolutely delicious. Kale is a hearty leafy green that provides you with your entire daily value of Vitamin A and C when you eat just one cup. Check out our recipe for crispy baked kale for a fun and healthy way to eat the power-veggie. Peas of any variety grow up on trellises and look gorgeous as they do. They're so easy to plant, produce the most beautiful flowers, and are really easy to harvest. A cup of peas have less than 100 calories but lots of protein, fiber, and micro-nutrients.

We're here to help you make 2017 the year of non-begrudging healthy eating!

Marley HutchinsonAvalow