Happy National Cookie Day!

In the spirit of strange holidays, tomorrow we are celebrating National Cookie Day with a healthy twist.

We know, we know... the words "healthy" and "cookies" don't generally mesh. Unless, of course, you try to be sneaky, and it never really ends up being a pleasant surprise for your unsuspecting taste-testers. We decided to put two of the most seasonally appropriate and vegetable-prominent cookie recipes to the test, so you don't have to, and the results knocked our socks off!

We made a few modifications but here are the recipes that we used:

Chocolate Sweet Potato Cookie:

You can find the full recipe here. (Originally adapted from Food Network's Sweet Potato Pie Cookies with Orange Glaze)

Chocolate Beet Earthquake Cookie:

You can find our full recipe here. (Originally adapted from Organic Authority's Best Chocolate Beet Earthquake Cookie Recipe Ever.)

The verdict?

Marley: I've never had a beet cookie before but I'm not sure I'll ever go back! Both cookies tasted delicious and the vegetable flavor really complimented the other ingredients. The sweet potato pie cookie was delicious but the beet cookie won for me hands down.

Jeremy: Sweet potato - Good texture, almost like a coffee cake or zucchini bread. The sweet potato was undetectable in a good way. Overall, the cookie was slightly sweet and cakey, with the orange-chocolate drizzle adding a nice, complimentary flavor burst. Beet - Again, great texture. Tasted like a slice of chocolate cake and the powdered sugar provided just the right amount of sweetness to bring it together. I could detect a faint hint of the beet flavor, but in a good way that complimented the chocolate flavor. A darker chocolate powder might be even better for this recipe and I'd be tempted to try a raspberry syrup on top instead of the powdered sugar for an extra layer of flavor. Winner: Sweet Potato! The orange chocolate drizzle combined with a perfectly moist cookie couldn't be beet.

Amanda: The texture of the sweet potato pie cookie is cake-like, delicious, fluffy, and moist. The hint of chocolate drizzle is the perfect addition.  The chocolate on the sweet potato pie cookie could certainly take over, so be sure to only add a dash! Beet cookie? What beet? It seriously tastes like a brownie. I could do without the powdered sugar on top, but it does look pretty. It is also very moist and fluffy, but the winner is the sweet potato pie cookie! The chocolate-sweet potato combo elevates the flavor.

Alesha: Sweet potato - amazing! This cookie makes me want to wrap up in a blanket on a cool, crisp morning, sipping a cup of black tea and enjoy this delicious cookie. It's not too overwhelming in flavor, and the texture is fluffy and soft - perfect for pairing with tea or coffee. Beet - This cookie makes me feel like I can have my cake and eat it too. It's rich and velvety, very reminiscent of a brownie but with beets as the base, I don't feel so guilty about eating a few of these! Perfect for a holiday party, and a great idea if you're like me and have a killer sweet tooth. Winner: Beet. What can I say? I love 'em rich. The chocolatey flavor of the beet cookie makes it a tough one to beet.

The winner? The Avalow team is torn. With two votes each, we need your help to break the tie! Let us know your thoughts - we'd love to hear what you have to say!

(We also make no apologies for the beet puns.)