How and When to Harvest Your Broccoli

Harvesting your garden can seem intimidating, but we're here to let you know that it's actually very simple. As it is currently Fall, that means delicious and nourishing lettuces, roots, and broccoli are nearing their maturity for harvest. 

To help make it easy, here's a quick tutorial on how to harvest your broccoli plants:

1. Your broccoli is ready for harvest when the crown turns a darker green, and it reaches your preferred size. If there are any signs of yellowing on the crown, harvest immediately!

2. You'll need a sharp object of some kind (scissors, clippers, knife etc.). Hold the stalk of the plant and cut 3-4 inches beneath the base of the crown you would like to harvest. Be sure to cut at an angle. 

3. That's it! Now it's up to you to decide what the next steps are. Broccoli plants typically only have one main crown and can have several offshoots on the side of the plant. You can choose to keep the plant in the soil and harvest these offshoots, or pull it up and replace it with another vegetable you'd like to try. 

broccoli harvest


Amanda DunkerAvalow