Six Fresh Ideas For Using Pumpkins In Your Halloween Decor

Halloween is right around the corner! To help you prepare for the festivities, we wanted to give you some inspiration for incorporating your garden into your holiday decorations. We've put together a list of our favorite ideas - Enjoy!

We love this idea from Southern Living! There are lots of lovely ways to incorporate more than just pumpkins into your Halloween decor. Leafy greens and herbs make a gorgeous addition. Try using kale, cabbage leaves, or any kind of mint.

Martha Stewart has wowed us again with these sweet pumpkin owls. Add your own flare by mixing in other squashes and gourds!

Southern Living does it again with the idea to carve repeating patterns into all sorts of pumpkins, but you could use any squashes or gourds you want!

We learned about this technique from the Windsor Garden Club but you could absolutely plant whatever you'd like in a larger pumpkin! Quick tip, once you're finished decorating, keep the moss moist so that you may enjoy the decor through the winter. Succulents work well and last for quite some time but use your imagination - we'd love to see what you come up with!

We love any excuse to incorporate the amazing look and smell of fresh herbs grown from your own garden. One more from Southern Living - this was created using a store-bought grapevine wreath and embellished with small white pumpkins and seasonal greenery. Any leafy plants will work wonderfully!

We couldn't resist this one: Eden Makers created this amazing Audrey II-inspired creation using an unnecessary tree branch, a pumpkin, some leaves, and a whole lot of hot glue. We love it!