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Harvest Gardens for the modern age. Welcome to the future.


We’ve Got Your Back

Tell us what your favorite foods are and we’ll help you plan a garden that matches your tastes - and the season. We’ll bring you fresh, locally sourced seeds and starters, plus organic soil, compost and fertilizer. We’ll come plant your garden with you every season, so you can learn from our garden experts and feel confident about what you put in the ground.

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Hardware Designed For You

Avalow beds are more than just a pretty face. Our beds are self-watering (yeah, you heard us), can be placed anywhere, and are built to last. Designed for faster plant growth, less pests and no weeding, Avalows make gardening something you enjoy every day.

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Become An Expert

We know gardening. And food. And our community. Take advantage of our online classes, our in-person workshops, our exclusive content and our year-round, 1:1 coaching plan. We’ll teach you how to grow right, how to prepare delicious meals, and we’ll even throw in some recipes and deals with our award-winning restaurant partners. Come grow with us!

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