We offer fully-managed edible gardens for your space with premium service and seasonal packages to provide fresh & super-local produce year-round.


Top-Notch Service

Our premium service includes a visit from one of our expert gardeners every week and guarantees optimal production from your garden.  Our team will work to take care of anything necessary to make your garden the best it can be.

Harvest Donation

We give you the option to select a percentage of your harvest to donate to local food charities. We work with a variety of food banks and pantries to ensure everyone can get delicious fresh produce.

Seasonal Garden Packages

We provide different seasonal offerings to keep your garden growing year-round. One of the benefits to having our managed service all year is that we will keep rotating crops to take advantage of the local climate and keep an optimal production from your beds. We break each planting into categories and give you a number of choices to personalize production to your tastes. Take a look at the seasonal mixes below.

Choose How Many Harvests

We give you the option to do a 2 season (6 months) or continual, year-round harvest. Both involve continuing crop rotation and harvest to get the most out of your bed.

Premium Production Guarantee

We guarantee that your bed will produce some of the most delicious produce you've had. We will replace plants with like-sized ones from our greenhouse in the event that they get damaged. 

Sample Plantings