Our Service 

  • How is this different from a box-service that delivers local produce every week? 

    • Boxes of organic produce are a great way to support your local farmers and get fresh produce without the work of growing it. We offer an alternative that gives you always-fresh produce outside your door with the ability to only harvest as much as you need at any given moment. Plus, you get to see your food grow and enjoy a beautiful outdoor space with a well-tended garden on top of enjoying the delicious vegetables and herbs in your cooking. Both options are great in supporting local, farm-to-table movmenents, but in our case, you are the farm. Additionally, we support the donation of part of your harvest so you can give back to those who need it at the same time.

  • Do you conserve water?

    • Yes, we use low-water techniques for our beds including sub-irrigation technology for our raised beds, combined with mulch that limits the amount of water that is wasted through exposure and evaporation. 

  • Can I pick what's being planted in my beds?

    • We offer a variety of in-season plants for you to select from and our customer service team will help you create a garden you love.

  • Do you use pesticides?  

    • One of the benefits of having regular visits from our expert gardeners is they can spot early signs of pests and head them off before they become a bigger problem. In certain cases, it makes sense to use pesticides, but only as a last resort. Any pesticide we use is certified organic and pet & kid friendly to ensure that no toxic chemicals are being put on your produce. If pesticides are necessary, we will notify you before application.

  • Will my produce be organic?

    • Yes indeed, we use only natural & local fertilizers and guarantee that no unwanted chemicals will be added to your fresh produce. 

Raised Beds

  • Read more about our raised beds here


  • We offer our raised beds and our Concierge Garden service as an all-in-one subscription. No separate installation fee, just a regular monthly subscription fee based on the number and type of beds you choose. Our standard plan length is 4 Seasons (12 months). You can select options and see your monthly subscription fees here. If you'd like to convert an existing raised bed, or want to install more than 4 beds, please contact us for a personalized quote. 
  • Do you have more affordable options?          

    • For a more affordable option, we offer Avalow Assist. This is great for those who wish to bring their monthly fee down, and for those who wish to participate in the tending of their garden.


  • How much food can I expect to get from my bed?  

    • Our standard bed is 20 sq. feet. This is enough to supply a steady supplement of fresh produce year-round for a family. It won't replace your produce purchases completely, but will provide the vegetables, fruits and herbs that make your meals extra tasty. If you have a big family, or want more produce, consider signing up for multiple beds.

  • Where do you get your plants from?

    • We grow our own plants from the best seeds when possible and use local growers & nurseries for their starter plants to supplement our capabilities. 

  • What varietals are in my bed?

    • We use sustainable heirloom varietals whenever possible and are constantly tuning the plants to optimize flavor and production. See here for more descriptions about the specific plants in your beds.


  • Who will be tending to my garden?

    • Our experts are local gardeners who have years of experience in their communities and with your growing conditions. Many are certified experts and all are active members of the community. You can trust that you're in good hands, we also run background checks to ensure the complete safety of your family.

  • Do you donate food? Where? 

    • We encourage all of our customers to donate a portion of their harvest. We take care of the distribution to ensure that the produce goes to those who need it. We partner with local agencies such as food banks, pantries, etc... 


  • My plants are dying, what do I do?

    • If your plants take a turn for the worse between our visits, please contact us so we can address any issues immediately.

  • What if I have questions? 

    • Our customer service team of expert gardeners is available to answer your questions via phone, email or chat. They're available from 8am - 8pm and waiting to hear from you!


  • Can I cancel?

    • One of the ways we are able to offer our raised beds without an installation fee is by asking for a minimum service commitment of 4 Seasons (12 Months). If you need to cancel before your selected plan is up, we bill you for the retail cost of the beds plus a per-bed installation fee.


  • I don't have room for a bed, but I'd love to donate food. How can I sponsor a bed?  

    • We love this question! We are happy to place a bed on your behalf and donate 100% of the harvest to our charitable partners. We'll keep you updated with the progress of your sponsorship and the good that it provides.

  • I love your service! How do I tell my friends about you?

    • Thanks! We get most of our customers from word of mouth. Have your friends enter your name when they sign up and we'll give a free month for every 3 that sign up once they have purchased their raised bed installation. 

  • How can I work with you? 

    • We are a Sonoma-county based startup and want all the help we can get! We are always hiring expert gardeners and a bunch of other positions as we grow. Click on our jobs page to learn about current openings. If you are involved with a food-based charity, drop us a line (giveback@avalow.com) to brainstorm ways we can work together.

  • I am a real estate agent and staging a house for sale that would look great with your raised beds. Can I use your service? 

    • Yes, we love the idea of beautifying houses with productive garden beds. Our full-service offerings are perfect for making the outdoor areas feel like a home. Contact us (realestate@avalow.com) for more information on custom packages.

  • Who are we? 

    • Our co-founders are gardening enthusiasts who shared a passion for growing delicious food and giving back to the community. We want to help spread that passion to others and educate people everywhere on the benefits of having fresh produce growing outside your door. Read about our team here