What's in our beds?

We start either with reclaimed wood or galvanized stock tanks and build them into an attractive base for your garden. First, we install our watering system and supports for trellises or netting. We then fill the bed with our pre-mixed organic garden soil and finish assembling our watering system. Finally, we top it off with our locally grown seedlings or direct-sown organic seeds.

How are your beds made?  

  • We build our beds using reclaimed wood from a variety of sources. We feel that recycling goes hand-in-hand with the ethos of growing your own food and being as sustainable as possible for our planet. We thoroughly clean all the wood and use non-toxic fasteners and materials throughout our construction. As we maintain the beds, we incorporate fully compostable materials (such as bamboo & jute twine) or extremely long-lasting materials - such as copper & metals for trellises.


Below are some images of what our beds look like and how they're made.

All Wood

Galvanized Stock Tank

Galvanized & Wood



We use the most drought-friendly watering techniques that feed plants water from their roots to minimize the amount of water wasted and boost output of our beds.


Our beds are 4 feet by 6 feet and between 18-24 inches tall for more convenient access. Galvanized stock tanks are 2' x 6' and 24 inches tall