No chemicals - know exactly how your veggies are grown


Garden fresh > Organic


Enjoy yard-to-table


Minutes away from your plate


Amazing flavor


How Does it Work?

Here’s what our customers are saying…


“This is so much better than the box service I was using, now I don’t have to worry about produce going bad. I just pick what I want to use for a meal and let the rest keep growing. If I’m going to be gone for a while, the Avalow team will harvest and donate on my behalf to my local food pantry. Win-win.”

— Katie

“I never thought I could grow vegetables in my yard, but the team worked to install everything in the right place to get full sun and I’m now getting delicious food right from my patio!”

— Marie


"I love watching my garden grow! It is amazing to see the plants change each day and it is so relaxing. I eat something from my garden daily and the flavor is like nothing I was buying from the market."

— J.L.

“We love our garden. Having fresh produce just outside your door is an amazing experience and the Avalow team makes everything work smoothly. Keep it up!”

— K.G.

Why do you need an Avalow garden?

Minimal impact on the environment from the most drought-friendly watering system built-in to year-round planting to feed pollinators.

Beautiful and abundant gardens that look as good as it tastes. You'll be excited to see what's growing every day.


Gardens produce the healthiest and tastiest food. Up to 80% more nutrients than from the vegetables you get in a market.

Self-contained gardens, right outside your door that are fully maintained by our team. You get to enjoy the benefits without daily tending.

Let us grow for you!


Focus on details, from aesthetics to small touches that make your garden an enjoyable experience.


Team of experts that maintain and take care of your garden. We hire experienced gardeners who have years of experience in your neighborhood.

Proprietary beds incorporate a wide range of technologies that optimize garden efficiency while reducing the ecosystem impact.

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