We work with local expert gardeners who have been managing their own gardens for years. They know what grows best in your neighborhood because they're growing it personally. We have team members in all of the communities we service in order to have the best knowledge and production from your beds.



Amanda Dunker, CEO

Amanda has been gardening for over 10 years and wants everyone to experience the joy of seeing and tasting food harvested just outside your door. She has worked with some of the most recognized brands in hospitality and technology to create amazing customer experiences.


Jeremy Nusser, COO

Jeremy has been behind a number of startups in finance and gaming, but his love of high-quality ingredients and his engineering background are now put to good use helping find the best ways to bring innovation to home gardening.


Our Team


Drew - Manufacturing


Harlow & Stella 

Our Difference

Helping others

We give you the choice to donate a percentage of your harvest in order to help others get fresh and nutritious produce. We take care of the harvest as part of your service and we work with local food banks and pantries to get food to those who need it. You can donate up to 100% of your harvest if you'd like to help.


For the price of an organic delivery service or a few regular trips to the farmer's market, you can have a beautiful garden grow right outside your door. If you haven't had the pleasure before, there is nothing like being able to step outside and gather fresh herbs or pluck the perfect tomato to use for dinner. We make it easy to have a connection to your food.

See what people are saying

We love our garden. Having fresh produce just outside your door is an amazing experience and the Avalow team makes everything work smoothly. Keep it up!
The Avalow team is great - friendly, knowledgable and worked to make my backyard so much better with fresh veggies. Thanks!
I never thought I could grow vegetables in my yard, but the team worked to install everything in the right place to get full sun and I’m now getting delicious food right from my patio!
All my friends ask how I have the time to manage a garden and grow such delicious food. I wholeheartedly recommend Avalow.
This is so much better than the box service I was using, now I don’t have to worry about produce going bad. I just pick what I want to use for a meal and let the rest keep growing. If I’m going to be gone for a while, the Avalow team will harvest and donate on my behalf to my local food pantry. Win-win.
The concept is great, and the team executes perfectly. Couldn’t be happier - 5 out of 5!